Thursday 1st Mar, 7-9pm
at Brew and Brownie, 5 Museum St, York, YO1 7DT
Price: £27.50 | 6 wines | Food matching from Brew & Brownie too!

*Wine Tasting in York*

How well do you know your Spanish wine? Of course, there’s the much ballyhooed Rioja, but what about the rest?

Let’s start with Cava. Often thought as the crass, un-classy cousin to Champagne. But guys, things have changed! If you’re not already on the Cava train, I think this tasting might just persuade you. Made in the same way as Champagne, but often without the diamond price tag – what’s not to love? Come and learn about it, taste it and decide for yourself.

Are you familiar with white Rioja? One of my favourites! Often creamy, nutty, full bodied whites (good for any Chardonnay lover). What about the hero white grape of Spain – Albariño? It pairs beautifully with sea food and is one of the upcoming bang-on-trend grapes.

Beyond Rioja – us Brits do love a cheeky Rioja, but I’ll take you on a journey of other spectacular wine regions, Jumilla and Ribera Del Duero to name a few,  which produce reds as equally exciting, robust and rustic. 

Sherry. Yes – I’m going there. Are you a lover? High five! Or are you a nay-sayer or a never-been-there-player? Then we need to talk. Sherry is fast returning to be one of the coolest and trendiest drinks of England, so if you’re not on board this is your chance to taste why people are going mad for it.

This evening is a diverse showcase of the amazing range of wines that Spain has to offer. So come and be satisfied with your favourites and be surprised by something new.

Mr Brew and Brownie, Adie, is very excited to put the nibbles together for this one! Get ready for  traditional Spanish treats with Adie’s Yorkshire twist.


Brew and Brownie, 5 Museum Street, York, Y01 7DT. Have you been in before? It’s cosy and warm in there with great grooviliscous vibes, right in the centre of York.

Why learn about wine?

  • Confidence buying wine

It can be overwhelming eyeing up the wall of wine in a supermarket or wine merchants. Have you ever bought wine based on a snazzy label or solely because it was reduced from £12 to £6? We all have! How would you like to walk into a wine shop, confidently find your favorite wines, and leave 100% satisfied?

  • Improve your ability to taste and smell

Anyone can learn to become a wizz-kid at smelling and tasting wine, all you need is practice. I’ve had people tell me that ‘wine just tastes like wine’ to them and they have a terrible sense of smell etc, only to  find themselves saying ‘I really can smell elderflower’ only an hour into the wine tasting. It won’t be long until you are picking out ‘leather’, ‘peaches’ or ‘banana’ too.  Like any other muscle this is just a skill to be honed and toned and you’ll be amazed at what you are capable of.

  • Extra skills: geography & history

One of the world’s most famous wine writers, Jancis Robinson, describes wine as ‘geography in a bottle’ – so true! You will see so many maps, pictures of soil, weather diagrams that if you aren’t already a geography buff, then you soon will be! Alongside this, you also learn about history of wine regions and the culture that goes along with it.

  • Feel good talking about wine

Have you ever loved a wine but had no idea how explain what you loved about it and why? The more you taste various styles and flavours, you’ll feel confident in talking about wine with anyone.

  • Make friends through wine

It’s easy to make pals when you have a shared interest. These wine tasting events are designed for you to feel relaxed chatting with everyone in the room and getting to know other wine lovers like yourself.


Come by yourself, with your ma, your bestie, your partner in crime, your work peeps, whoevs. All are welcome for this great introduction to wine tasting.

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