Wednesday 6th February, 7-9pm
at Brew and Brownie, 5 Museum St, York, YO1 7DT
Price: £27.50 | 6 wines | Nibbles from Brew & Brownie York French Wine Ninja Tasting The Drink Talking

Begin 2019 by getting to grips with French wine!

Ask any wine-trade-jedi to pick one ‘dessert island’ wine country, and 9 times out of 10 they will pick France.

But on the other hand, I often hear my customers commenting that French wine is ‘old fashioned’, ‘snobby’ or ‘confusing’. Also it usually wears a more golden price tag.

So why the big hoo-ha?

A few pointers –

  • What are the grapes in New World Wine? (Answer: almost always French.)

  • Why is the wine a blend of, say, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot? (Answer: because that’s what the French do.)

  • French wine is the benchmark by which almost all wines are judged.

  • France makes more wine than any other country (except Italy)

  • Can produce wines of virtually every style with its perfectly temperate and varied climate and landscape

There is certainly some truth in the former points about expensive and snobbish French wine, but getting your head around it and understanding the ‘terroir’ will help you find some bargains. And when you can comprehend French wine terms and regions it’s like learning Latin: everywhere else falls so easily into place.

Join me for the likes of Champagne, Sancerre, Chablis, Bordeaux, Burgundy; complete with a comprehensive lowdown on each region and style.

So come start 2019 with a bang and learn your French fundamentals. And try lots of wine while you do…

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With mind blowing cheese from nibbles from the nibble-ninjas at Brew & Brownie!

Come by yourself, with your ma, your bestie, your partner in crime, your work peeps, whoevs. All are welcome for this fun and merry wine tasting.

Looking forward to welcoming you!

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York! French Wine Ninja! Wednesday 6th Feb 2019, 7-9pm at Brew & Brownie27.50 GBPA jolly time wine tasting
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