Friday 12th October, 7-9pm
at Woodlawn Coffee, 60a Town St. Horsforth, LS18 4AP
Price: £27.50 | 6 wines | Amazing cheese too
The Drink Talking Super Natural wine tasting York

Topics include: organic, biodynamic, vegan, natural, orange wine and more

In the wine world right now, swigging on a glass of natural wine is as hip riding a penny farthing to work. There are wine bars in London, New York, San Francisco that are solely dedicated to the juice. In fact, our very own Leeds wine merchant, Steve Nuttal from Wayward Wines,  recently got huge coverage in The Guardian talking about the topic.

So what’s it all about? The hype says they’re experimental, funky, genre-breaking, and hangover-headache-preventing. Let’s get down and dirty and see if you agree!

Critics have described ‘natural wines’ as tasting sour, farmyardy, like stale cider, or just faulty.  But there are also enthusiasts who like their distinctively different character. Organic wines are different – they use no pesticides or artificial fertilisers. Biodynamic wines are different again – they are usually (though not always) organic, but incorporate mystical beliefs together with the ecological practices; many growers really do plant cow horns, stags’ bladders, and more besides.

Come taste through 6 wines of all styles and colours to get to the bottom of line of what “natural wine” really is: from using only natural yeast to ferment grapes, or not artificially removing yeast, or no added sulfites (chemical preservatives which some believe is the weaver of your hangover. Is this true? Let’s taste and talk about it!)

We will also taste vegan wine  and discuss what makes a bottle vegan or non-vegan; and while we’re at it, we’ll try an ‘orange wine‘ too (a white wine made like a red wine!).

What do you think about them? Come and try them and come to your own conclusion.

If you’re interested in trying new taste sensations and digging around into what goes into your glass, then come along to this exciting tasting showcasing what could be the wines of our future.

The Drink Talking Super Natural Wine Tasting York


With amazing cheese from cheese-ninja The Cheeseboard in Harrogate!

Come by yourself, with your ma, your bestie, your partner in crime, your work peeps, whoevs. All are welcome for this fun and merry wine tasting.

Looking forward to welcoming you!

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Horsforth! Super Natural, 12th Oct 2018, 7-9pm @ Woodlawn Coffee, Horsforth27.50 GBPA field guide to organic, biodynamic, and natural wines
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