The Drink Talking - gin tasting Let's Begin, York

Hyde Park! Let’s beGIN – gin tasting

Thursday 28th March, 7-9pm
at Coffee on The Crescent, Hyde Park, Leeds, LS6 2NW
Price: £32.50 | 6 gins | Includes 2 cheese pairings 

Calling all gin fanatics! This one’s for you! After many requests, this hugely popular tasting is on again in Leeds! An exciting and fun evening to satisfy the Juniper-junkies, learn about the history and how it is made whilst sampling first class, premium gins, tonics & garnishes. Be sure not to miss out on this knock-out gin class!

ITALIAN WINE NINJA. The Drink Talking wine tasting

Horsforth! Italian Wine Ninja!

Thursday 18th April, 7-9pm
at Woodlawn Coffee, Town St, Horsforth, LS18 4AP
Price: £27.50 | 6 wines | Buenissima cheese too 
Who makes the most wine in the world? Italy.

This often surprises people, but cast your mind back to every glass of Pinot Grigio & Prosecco you every imbibed. Lots, right?

Italy caters for every single wine lover out there with its bouquet of styles from an array of climates. You just need to know what to look for.

The Drink Talking wine tasting how to buy supermarket wine

Horsforth! How to buy supermarket wine

Friday 3rd May, 7-9pm
at Woodlawn Coffee, Town St, Horsforth, LS18 4AP
Price: £25 | 6 wines | Amazing cheese too 
Get savvy buying supermarket wine! 

If you are a typical supermarket shopper, chances are this weekend you will pop a bottle of wine into your trolley – and most likely be tempted by a discount offer. Nine in ten of the bottles of wine we drink in the UK are bought from the major supermarket chains, and 60% of those are on offer. But are the half-price or two-for-a-tenner deals genuine?