Horsforth! BIG REDS: A tasting for you, red wine lover

Horsforth wine tasting!

Thursday 22nd Feb, 7-9pm
at Woodlawn Coffee, 60A Town St, Horsforth, Leeds, Ls18 4AP
Price: £25 | 6 wines | Glorious cheese too!

Yes, I’m talking to you, red wine lover. This is your chance to have an evening of pure indulgence, catered to satisfy your love of bold, full-bodied, warming reds.  Do you like wines that are so dark you can’t see through them? Then this tasting is for you!



Wine tasting in Horsforth!

Wednesday 14th March, 7-9pm
at Woodlawn Coffee, 60A Town St, Horsforth, Leeds, Ls18 4AP
Price: £27.50 | 6 wines | Glorious cheese too!

How well do you know your Spanish wine? Of course, there’s the much ballyhooed Rioja, but what about the rest?
This tasting is a diverse showcase of the amazing range of wines that Spain has to offer. From white Rioja, to spectacular Cava, game-changing sherry to jammy southern reds. So come and be satisfied with your favourites and be surprised by something new. 

The Drink Talking: The Big Cheese and wine tasting, York

HORSFORTH! The Big Cheese

Friday 6th April, 7-9pm
at Woodlawn Coffee, 60A Town St. Horsforth, LS18 4AP
Price: £32.50 | 6 wines | 6 cheeses

One marriage no one can object to is the mouthwatering combination of wine and cheese. It can be tasty, it can be yum, but when you get the perfect pairing it can be life changing. 

Be it tannic, light, sweet, or dry, you can bet there’s a wine out there for every cheese. So let’s go on a journey together and taste through some classic combinations, as well as some ‘far out’ wine and cheese pairings. You will learn the tricks behind the perfect match and, hopefully, taste things you’ve never even dreamt of. 

The Drink Talking: The Great Champagne Debate, York

HORSFORTH! The Great Champagne Debate

Friday 4th May, 7-9pm
at  Woodlawn Coffee, 60a Town St, Horsforth, LS18 4AP
Price: £35 | 6 wines | Fabulous cheese too

Are you an avid Champagne-campaigner, great believer in The Fizz, die-hard sparkle chaser?
Or are you resentful of every NYE and wedding that has thrust a glass of the ‘over-priced’ and highly acidic ‘cham-ster’ bubbles into your hand?

Well, it’s time to talk about it. Join me for an evening to taste through top class Champagne and compare it to the other fizz on the market: Italy’s Prosecco, Spain’s Cava and . . . ENGLISH sparkling wine, of course!  England has been ranked as one of the world’s top quality producers of traditional method sparkling wine. Haven’t tasted it, yet? Now is your chance.

The Drink Talking: France vs. Italy wine tasting York

HORSFORTH! TWO POWER HOUSES: France vs. Italy wine tasting

Thursday 14th June, 7-9pm
at Woodlawn Coffe, 60a Town St. Horsforth, LS18 4AP
Price: £27.50 | 6 wines | Amazing cheese too

Who makes the best wine? France or Italy? Some arguments can’t be resolved without a showdown. Let’s do it!

It’s a long established rivalry: Italy proudly produces the most wine in the world; however, France makes the most expensive wine in the world (in the list of 50 most expensive wines in the world, bar twelve, they are all French!). Both countries, unsurprisingly, claim to ‘make the best wine in the world’.

Come and do the taste test…